Feature Friday: Agent Beth Hayden

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Hi! I’m Beth Hayden and I am a Realtor at Parkway Realty in St Johnsbury! I was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. After graduating high school, I moved to Florida where I lived for over 20 years. While living in Florida, I met my husband Tony (who is also a Realtor at Parkway). Together we managed a rental property for [...]

Do You Believe These Real Estate Superstitions?

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A successful home buying or selling journey involves expertise, great communication, negotiations, patience.... and luck? Do you believe that? Here are some superstitions when it comes to Real Estate. Are any of these ten superstitions things you might consider when buying or [...]

Feature Friday: Agent Denise Bigelow

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Hi I’m Denise Bigelow! I’ve been with Parkway Realty since 2015. I began as the office manager and as time went on, my interest in real estate grew and led me to getting my realtor’s license. My husband and I spent most of our younger years traveling for his military career. We lived in Maryland, Germany, Georgia and eventually found our way back home to Vermont in 1996 with our daughter who was born in Germany. Because we were a military family and having experienced my husband completing 2 overseas combat tours, I've chosen to commit myself to supporting our Veter...

Friday Feature: Agent Amy (Reed) Bedor

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I was born and raised in St. Johnsbury, VT. Generations of family before me were also proud born & raised Vermonters. I graduated from St. Johnsbury Academy in 2007. From there, I went to Lyndon State College and graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing. It was during my college years that I began to unfold [...]

Friday Feature: Agent Patty Emery

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We believe it is important that you know who our agents are. Featured this week is Patty Emery, a long time Real Estate Agent in this community. Here is a write up from Patty, explaining a little bit more about who she [...]

Maurice Chaloux: Realtor for 50 YEARS!

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I was approached by Ernie Begin while I was in the Army and stationed overseas in 1971. I thought “I can do that for a little while…” I enrolled in a correspondence course for real estate and did it during off hours from my army barracks in Turkey.  When I returned to the states, I got my real estate license in North Carolina while stationed at Fort Bragg for my last year in the army.  When I was discharged and moved back home 5 months later, I took my Vermont Real Estate License Exam in September of 1972....

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

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Homeowners should evaluate their entire home for smaller maintenance issues each year in order to avoid larger, more costly issues down the line! Not to mention, this helps maintain its value and is attractive to buyers at a time of [...]

Why you want to use a Realtor

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Everybody wants the most bang for their buck. So… is skipping out on using a Realtor going to keep more money in your pocket?  Maybe. Maybe not. Going without a Realtor will likely cause you more work, anxiety and frustration, however. When making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, don’t you want an expert to guide [...]

Is It Time To Sell Your Home?

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So, you have heard about other's "seller success stories", and now you are wondering if maybe you should sell your house too!  Here are a few thoughts to help you navigate those curiosities!

Is your home still meeting the needs of your current lifestyle?

Is your family larger now?  Do you have different needs than you did when shopping for your "starter home"?  Needing change is one indicator that you may want to sell your home and shop for a new-to-you one that satisfied your life and your current and future chapters.  Keep in mind that along with deciding "yes" to list, you should also take into account where you will go next.  How much are other houses going for?  Do you want to keep your children in the same school district they are in now?  How far are you willing to commute to your job?  Will you need high speed internet?  Those are ALL components that a Real Estate Agent can help you with!  Those already through the "growth: chapter may be looking to downsize and may prioritize single-level living and something easier to maintain.  Your home should be meeting your needs and if it is now, it is probably time to sell...