Local Information


Burke Area Chamber of Commerce
President: Linda Lotti / Vice President: Chris Andrews
PO Box 347
Burke, VT 05832
Tel: 1-802-626-4124
Email: burkechamber@burkevermont.com
Danville Chamber of Commerce

President: Eric Bach
P. O. Box 253
Danville, VT 05828
Tel: 1-802-473-2284
Email: info@danvillevtchamber.org

Lyndon Area Chamber of Commerce

President: Sarah Lafferty / Vice President: Steve Nichols / Secretary: Cheryl McMahon
PO Box 886
14 Depot Street  
Lyndonville, VT 05851
Tel: 1-802-626-9696
Email: info@lyndonvermont.com

Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 313, 78 Mathewson House Circle (Lyndon Institute Campus)
Lyndon Center, VT 05850
Tel: 1-802-535-2821
Email: nekinfo@nekchamber.com
St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce
Director: Gillian Sewake
51 Depot Square, Suite 100
St. Johnsbury, VT  05819
Tel: 1-802-748-8575
E-Mail: director@discoverstjohnsbury.com

Burke Mountain

  • 223 Sherburne Lodge Road
  • East Burke, VT 05832
  • Tel: 1-802-626-7300
  • Email: info@skiburke.com

Saint Johnsbury Country Club 

  • 4357 Memorial Drive
  • Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819
  • Tel: 1-802-748-9894
  • Email: theclub@golfstjcc.net

Kingdom Trail Association

  • 468 VT Route 114
  • East Burke, VT 05832
  • Tel: 1-802-626-0737
  • Email: info@kingdomtrails.org

Northeast Kingdom Travel & Tourism Association

  • P. O. Box 212
  • East Burke, VT 05832
  • Tel: 1-802-626-8511
  • Email: info@getnekedvt.com

Star Theatre

  • 17 Eastern Avenue
  • Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819
  • Tel: 1-802-748-9511
  • Email: independentcinemas@yahoo.com

Gold Crown Lanes

  • 212 Hastings Hill
  • Saint Johnsbury, VT
  • Tel: 1-802-748-2205
  • goldcrownlanesinfo@gmail.com

Great Vermont Corn Maze

  • 1404 Wheelock Road
  • Danville, VT 05828
  • Tel: 1-708-932-5153 (Tickets) 1-802-748-1399 (General Information)
  • Email: info@vermontcornmaze.com




In Vermont, there are a variety of educational opportunities for students in grades K - 12. Most towns offer public schools for kindergarten through eighth grade, and some towns have their own public high schools. Those towns without public schools tuition their children to other schools, which is usually the school of the parents' choice.

Private elementary schools in the area include the Riverside School, the Stevens School, and the Good Shepherd Catholic School.

Private high schools include St. Johnsbury Academy, Lyndon Institute, the East Burke School, and Burke Mountain Academy.

Area colleges include Northern Vermont University at Lyndon, the Community College of VermontSpringfield College, and the University of Vermont with Lyndon as its satellite location.