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Behold My Kingdom | The traps commonly seen for over valuing your property

Here are a few of the common reasons for over valuing your property.

  1. Emotional attachment: Homeowners may have sentimental connections to their homes, making them perceive the property as more valuable than it objectively might be.

  2. Investment bias: Many people view their homes as investments, and there's often a bias to overvalue investments, especially those tied to emotional or personal significance.

  3. Anchoring effect: People tend to anchor their valuation of an asset, such as a home, to the original purchase price or to recent comparable sales in the area, which can lead to overvaluation if those prices have increased over time.

  4. Confirmation bias: Homeowners may selectively focus on information that supports their belief that their home is worth more than it actually is, while ignoring contradictory evidence.

  5. Pride of ownership: Individuals may take pride in their homes and the improvements they've made, leading them to overestimate the value of those improvements and the overall worth of the property.

  6. Limited market knowledge: Lack of awareness of the current market conditions or comparable sales data in the area can lead homeowners to overvalue their homes.

  7. Financial constraints: Homeowners who are financially stretched or underwater on their mortgages may overvalue their homes as a coping mechanism to avoid facing the reality of their financial situation.

At Parkway Realty we have years of experience analyzing market value. The special details and nuances of your particular property are in our repertoire of tools so you are choosing the professionals ready to make you the most profit.

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