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Why you want to use a Realtor

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Everybody wants the most bang for their buck. So… is skipping out on using a Realtor going to keep more money in your pocket?  Maybe. Maybe not. Going without a Realtor will likely cause you more work, anxiety and frustration, however. When making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, don’t you want an expert to guide you?

Handling the Logistics
You would otherwise have to spend hours communicating with prospective buyers or their agents, juggle work/personal life to be at every showing, be dedicated to pursuing buyers & answering all of their questions through phone or emails, all while making sure you are getting a fair deal.  

Professional Tools & Resources
Realtors know how to market to the correct buyers, how to position your home to make it the most attractive it can be, can help you get the best opportunities available, and know how to determine top dollar so you get the most for your listing. You would otherwise have to pursue buyers on your own, answer calls and emails with questions about your home, be at all the showings,

Review, Negotiate & Protect
Realtors know how to negotiate to get the best deal for you. Your best interests will always be protected and your needs will always be put first when you have an agent representing you.

Find the Risks
Your Realtor will point out potential risks involved with other offers you’re your own plans. This saves you from being vulnerable to mistakes or oversights that could significantly deduct from your profits, and could even leave you in a litigious situation.

Managing the Timeline
There are deadlines for having inspections done and then a window of time to negotiate those inspection results. There are also deadlines involved with having financing secured, and timelines that need to be protected to get attorneys and lenders the information and documents they will need so closing can happen on time.

Market Knowledge
Realtors can and will consider more aspects of your home that you may have not known how to calculate for. Sales history, market environments, comparable home sales are just a few examples.

No Emotion
Realtors take the emotion out of the transaction. They can negotiate in a professional, objective manner. If you were to do this yourself, face to face with the buyer, things can become awkward, confrontational, and potentially make a deal fall through.

Paying a commission, is it that bad? You are paying for an asset to provide you with in-depth expertise that you can use to make the process as seamless (and profitable) as possible. You are paying for peace of mind.

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