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Is It Time To Sell Your Home?

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So, you have heard about other's "seller success stories", and now you are wondering if maybe you should sell your house too!  Here are a few thoughts to help you navigate those curiosities!

Is your home still meeting the needs of your current lifestyle?

Is your family larger now?  Do you have different needs than you did when shopping for your "starter home"?  Needing change is one indicator that you may want to sell your home and shop for a new-to-you one that satisfied your life and your current and future chapters.  Keep in mind that along with deciding "yes" to list, you should also take into account where you will go next.  How much are other houses going for?  Do you want to keep your children in the same school district they are in now?  How far are you willing to commute to your job?  Will you need high speed internet?  Those are ALL components that a Real Estate Agent can help you with!  Those already through the "growth: chapter may be looking to downsize and may prioritize single-level living and something easier to maintain.  Your home should be meeting your needs and if it is now, it is probably time to sell.

Is your home feeling like it's too much to keep up with?

Do the projects never end?  You thought you could get them all done but it turns out, you just don't have time for that!  Maybe it's time to consider a house with less upkeep!  Between mowing the lawn, plowing snow, dealing with trash, compost & recycling, gardening, heating and general housekeeping, the price tag is large, and the headache is strong!  Of course, these costs are in addition to unexpected repairs, property taxes, insurance and the mortgage!  Maybe it's time to downsize and adjust what your priorities are....and maybe "upkeep" is not on your priority list!  Would selling and finding something new relieve some stress?  It might be time to sell....

Do you stand to make a pretty penny?

Homes appreciate in value when taken care of.  When homes are well maintained AND it's a hot market, this equals TOP DOLLAR! Have you accrued a decent amount of equity in your home?  Maybe it's time to cash that in by selling!  If it makes financial sense to sell, and you are waiting for the right time - this market is telling you that now is the time to sell!

Are you a well-informed homeowner?

If you have already done your research and know that it's a good time to sell, what is your next step?  Time to research Real Estate Agencies.  Parkway Realty in St. Johnsbury, VT has a history of offering Real Estate expertise for decades.  We are locals, and some are multi-generational agents and citizens born & raised in the Northeast Kingdom!  It may be time to chat with one of us about what your house could sell for and how to maximize your list price!

Wondering what’s next for you?

Selling your home means you'll need to buy something else.  Don't wait to have your home under contract to figure out what your next steps are.  Have a plan: will you be moving closer to town or to a more secluded area?  Do you want to get a bigger house or a smaller one?  Knowing your priorities helps to keep you focused on finding the right home for you!

Contact one of our expert agents to guide you through your Real Estate needs.


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